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Augui and the Never-ending Tears - Interactive Storybook for Kids

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When Feelu drinks a rain potion, she can’t stop crying. Help Augui cure her granddaughter by trying different potions. Follow Augui and Feelu on a delightful adventure filled with wonderful characters and mysterious places. On their adventure, Feelu will discover how magical eating fruits can be.

- Enjoy over 70 interactive elements;
- Meet wonderful characters;
- Discover fantastic places;
- Be delighted by the beautiful Retina-quality illustrations;
- Enjoy an original sound track and amazing sound effects;
- Listen to the engaging narration;
- Read the story at your own pace;
- Experience the story in English or Portuguese

Augui's apps are recommended for children ages + 4.

Augui is an engaging series of interactive storybooks starring Augui, a delightful grandmother. Augui is not your typical grandmother, though! She is a witch. Instead of homemade cookies, she makes wondrous potions. Augui lives with her sweet granddaughter Feelu in a magical place called Mount Abacaba. Augui reminds us of the values that make life magical: friendship, respect for nature, peace, and loyalty.

Augui represents the magic of a grandmother. Grandmothers have the power of healing, of listening, of cuddling, of making delicious desserts. They play an important role in building our magical childhood memories. Augui represents all the caring grandmothers of the world and pays homage to them. Mount Abacaba is a welcoming place and Augui is the grandmother who makes us all feel at home.

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