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Use our unique mixing interface to balance beautiful music for your relaxation. Please note, that unlike some other relaxation apps, ours has a one-off fee. There's no advertising within Calma.

Each coloured 'pod' on the screen represents a particular sound. Move a pod further away from the centre of your screen to make a sound louder and move towards the white centre to go quieter.

You can even move the balance of the audio from your left speaker or headphone to the right by dragging a pod from left to right on the screen (the iPad version will orientate the screen so that whichever way you look at it, the left screen is the left speaker/ear piece).

For truly individual music press the 'random drift' button (far right side of the white control panel) and have the app gently move the positions of the pods. The speed of the movement can be changed with the slider that appears.

Calma incorporates a timer feature to gently fade the music away after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Press the second from right timer button on the control panel to bring up a time dial where you can choose the duration of play. Make sure that you press the 'timer on' button that's just above and to the left of the dial. The timer button must be green to be enabled.

Individual sounds can be turned off by tapping any of the pods and if you only want to hear one sound then press and hold a pod to isolate it.

Reset all the pods' positions by pressing the far left button.