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TINY TWIN BEARS' Scope : Educational apps for kids

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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The official LULU & LOLO TINY TWIN BEARS application!

Find Lulu and Lolo and toys hidden in Lulu and Lolo's house with a magnifiying glass!
When you find out Lulu and Lolo, they will speak to you!

This app contains no letters, no description. Children can use this app intuitively and learn how to use this app naturally by discovering the game rules with its sound and picture by themselves.

[Who can enjoy this app?]
Children aged between three to six.
If you are older and love Lulu and Lolo, you can enjoy this app too!

How this app work is very easy and simple.
If you tap the screen, a magnifiying glass appears and you can explore Lulu and Lolo's world.
On top of the screen, you can see the shape of the items hidden in each stage.
Please look very carefully to get a clue, as Lulu and Lolo may be hinding!
Lulu and Lolo will give you a message, when you find them.

* Select the stage
You have three stages to select; Kitchen, Lulu and Lolo's room, and Street.
Choose your favorite stage and find Lulu and Lolo!

*Items hidden in stages
Kitchen: Lulu wearing salopette, Lolo wearing salopette, Lulu wearing apron, Lolo wearing apron, Cake, Coffee, Pulling cart
Lulu and Lolo's room: Lulu wearing pajamas, Lolo wearing pajamas, Lulu wearing tutu, Lolo wearing tutu, Doll, Alarm Clock
Street: Lulu wearing uniform, Lolo wearing uniform, Lulu wearing dress, Lolo wearing dress, Magie, Bird, Tricyle
Can you find all the items??

*Messages from Lulu and Lolo
Lulu and Lolo will give you following messages.
- Give you a kiss for welcoming home
- Give me a thousand kisses
- I'm cooking feast
- Don't look till I finish cooking
- Hurray! Good night
- Lolo had a wonderful dream
- Look at me
- Don't stare at me. I'm not a very good dancer.
- Well, today's task is...
- This is my favorite dress
- I'm Magenda Francoise

[Especially recommended for]
- both kids and adults who love Lulu and Lolo
- those who want to explore cute and lovely Lulu and Lolo's world
- parents wanting to stop children crying
- parents wanting to fill kids' attention in the queue or in transport.
- family members wanting to have a great time together.
How much you enjoy this app depends on you.

LULU & LOLO -- TINY TWIN BEARS is a popular and famous TV animation program based on the best-selling picture book the bears' school. The main characters are called Lulu and Lolo. They are twin girl bears; the orange bear is Lulu and the yellow one is Lolo.
It is a heart-warming family story with Lulu and Lolo trying new tasks every day such as shopping and cleaning.

(c) BANDAI / LuluLoloProject

[About Kidzapplanet]
Kidzapplanet is an application brand providing educational smartphone applications for kids between the age of 0 and 6 to help them develop their sensibility and intellectual ability.