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The Human Skeleton

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A fun, educational and interactive app that has been specifically designed to help users absorb key information about the human skeleton. Through detailed animations, interactions, quizzes and activities, users will learn about the main human bones: The skull, vertebrae, joints and muscle types.

Daydream Education specialise in primary and secondary educational resources and prides themselves on building exciting new products for primary and secondary education. With a team of expert teachers and with education in mind, Daydream has developed The Human Skeleton iPoster app. This is an innovative app that is designed to help users find information and learn about a subject through the use of the latest technology.
The Human Skeleton iPoster app combines a bright and colourful visual approach to learning, with simple but informative content. The Human Skeleton iPoster app delivers a highly effective learning experience for both children and adults. The informative content makes the app ideal for operators to use as a reference guide or as an interactive learning tool. Users can digest the information in bite-sized chunks through the use of interactive images and easily navigated, simple but bold screens; thus making learning easier and more enjoyable.

How it works:
When the user first opens the app they are taken to a colourful interactive menu where they can choose a specific part of the skeleton they wish to learn about: The Human Skeleton, The Skull, Vertebrae, The Purpose of a Skeleton, Joints and Muscles.

The Human Skeleton iPoster page shows a full adult skeleton where the user can tap a bone to reveal its name, or click on the option ‘reveal all’. The two options allow the user to either see all of the bone names or guess the bone names before revealing the answer(s): this feature encourages individual learning.

More information is offered for the Skull and the Spine. The user can tap on the body part name where they see a “+” symbol. They are then taken to the Skull or Vertebrae page (depending on which name they have selected). On each of these pages the individual bones of the Skull and Spine are labelled. The user can tap the interactive images or scroll down where they will be presented with more detailed information on the parts and functions.

Throughout the app the user has the option to return to the main menu or pan right. Continuation right from the Skull or Vertebrae page takes the user to the next section of the skeleton, for example, “The Purpose of a Skeleton”, where they will be provided with details on Support, Movement, Protection and Blood Production. Pan right again and the user is presented with detailed information on the three main types of joints and how they work. In addition to the above, users can learn about the three main types of human muscle and how they work alongside the human skeleton.

The app is simple in design, simple to navigate and is packed full of detailed educational information and interactive features that users will find both valuable and stimulating!

Fun features and quiz:
The Human Skeleton app contains three fun interactive games and an assessment quiz. These features reinforce the key information presented throughout the app content and enable the user to test themselves on the information they have engaged with. In each game and quiz the answers are randomly generated or presented in a different order, meaning that each time a user enters the game/quiz they will be given a different scenario which serves as a valuable learning tool.

Key features:
- Developed in-line with current educational material.
- Three interactive learning games include a matching, labelling and name the bone activity.
- Assessment quiz - questions are generated at random.
- Bold, visual, bite-size information.
- Innovative features and design.
- Interactive images to reinforce visual learning.
- Simple design and easy to navigate.