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Veronica's Garden Tracker

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Veronica’s Garden Tracker is a simple visual journal of your vegetable garden.

I wrote this app for my ex-wife, Veronica, after a few seasons of helping her tend a vegetable garden. She had lost track of which seeds she planted and where she planted them because her labels were missing. She had drawn rough diagrams and written notes on scraps of paper that she could not decipher later. She had trouble recalling all she did to determine which tomato cultivar grows best in the Texas heat. This app is for her and gardeners like her.

This app allows you to plan your garden visually, but planning is only the beginning. Even experienced gardeners experiment to improve their crop yields, and recording what you did is essential to learning.

This app is designed to track the key elements of gardening. It allows you to look at what you’ve done over the course of a season as well as across multiple seasons. Doing this helps you understand why you obtained the results that you did. Improvement as a gardener is a feedback loop of reviewing what you have done, examining the results, and adjusting future actions based on your conclusions. The role of this app in that process is to record what you have done.

It tracks milestone dates throughout the growing season and keeps information across seasons, so you can compare planting in late March last year versus early April this year. You can record your watering schedule and soil pH history to determine if that is the reason your soil continually becomes too acidic. Compare different fertilizer timings on your watermelons to see which one yields sweeter fruit. Keep general notes on pests, special events, varietals, or anything else you need.

This app is ideal for square foot gardens, classic row gardens, vertical gardens, container gardens, urban gardens, back yard gardens, school gardens, allotments, and herb gardens.

If this app does not easily track something that you think it should, or if you want it adjusted to better suit your style of gardening, please let me know. I look forward to improving this app for years to come until it is the golden standard in garden tracking.