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Bigsaw Classic (2nd Edition) - Go Beyond Jigsaw!

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Jigsaw-lovers who are looking for a new tangy picture-puzzle experience - find it in Bigsaw Classic 2. Jigsawers and Bigsawers, here's the fresh second edition of Bigsaw Classic with 64 new pictures.

Sharpen your memory and enhance your visual-intelligence, with the quick, sharp, and responsive Bigsaw Puzzles.

-Wondering why you need to pan and drag when you can tap?
-Wondering whether Picture Puzzles can be quick, sharp, and responsive?
-And wondering whether you can unlock ALL the pictures in a Picture-Puzzle app just by playing?

Bigsaw Classic is made for the puzzler in you.

::::: Game Features :::::
* Experience a new tangy tap-based gameplay.
* 64 Brand New Puzzles in 8 different albums.
* Start with 16 Free puzzles to play and earn Bigsaw Coins.
* Use Bigsaw Coins to unlock more new pictures of your choice.
* Every Bigsaw Picture Puzzle can be played with 5 different sets of pieces.
* Earn Stars for your performance.
* Track then beat your best time for every puzzle independently.
* Make Highscores and submit them to the Game Center.
* Each Picture Puzzle that you play has a unique star-rating allowing you to compete with or improve your previous scores/star-rating/time.
* Immersive, theme-based graphics.
* Whenever you play with Bigsaw, it's always fresh because of random distribution of pieces.

::::: 8 NEW Albums :::::

* Pups and Dogs
* Cartoons (colorful cartoon illustrations by Shafali.)
* Designs (hand-illustrated images)
* Animals & Birds
* Abstract Art (Mathematical Artwork)
* Flowers
* Outdoors
* Potpourri

Note: The Images in "Designs" and "Abstract Art" offer additional puzzling challenge.

Just as it was in Bigsaw Classic, in this new edition too…

Pick a picture from an album, take a good look, then you’re done.
Watch that picture shatter into pieces at the count three, two, one.

Tap the piece you want to move, then tap the space you want to fill.
Fitting pieces in all the right places takes concentration and some skill.

See that piece with smooth edges, it is in the proper space.
If won't move although you tap it, it is locked right into place.

When you've played the unlocked puzzles, you'll want the locked ones for sure.
Use your Bigsaw Coins to unlock the locked puzzles, and play with all sixty-four!