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Top Pirate - Top Free Awesome Arcade and Endless Game with Great 3D Graphics and Effects

iPhone / iPad
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Hay Hay Weee Weee! Just so you know this is not your “same ol same ol” pirate game. Be careful just as you download and jump in to this out of space in the future pirate game you will be carried in to a new and awesome sweet reality. You own your pirate ships and you reign and rule the Caribbeans. Just as you may imagine there are about a gazzilllion other pirates that WANT to do the same thing. Or at least they think they can beat you up and get your kingdom and put you in jail for a thousand galactic years or more never to be found or heard of again. But don’t worry. Here you are in the middle of the Caribbeans. Not too far from Tortola ready to take on Vandyke and Treasure Island. You may think that I am nuts for mentioning treasure island but I am not KEEP READING AND YOU WILL FIND OUT WHY?
Yes treasure island is still there you know yohoho and a bottle of rum.” I don’t know why was so hard for this guys to swim over to the bar only about a mile away called Willie Ts. But anyway you know how the story goes… But you have a more important task at hand. Aboard a Spanish ship loaded with gold silver jems and all kind of other things that girls love and carry away all the treasures in to a safe place. But there is a big problem. Yes there is. Unfortunately this ships don’t just float around waiting for you to capture them. They are loaded. Yes loaded with dough, but also loaded with heavily gunned armored army and cannons. You are the captain and you should be slipping tonight cause you got a whole bunch of no good people sitting on board. But you can’t, you toss around in your cot and your eyes don’t get to close for a long. Suddenly you here a thunder. Ahoy Ahoy someone is screaming. You get up as fast as you can and trample over couple bottles of liquor as you go up the ship. You grab the monocular from one of the guys sitting by the stern and what do you see? A Spanish armada of seven strong coming right at you. So close you can almost touch it if you stretch your hand. Now to tell the truth your hands are a little frozen. From fear that is. You have been around the high and low seas, but have never been caught so close to the enemy unprepared. Well…fortunately a fog thick as a curtain came over your ship. It’s so thick you can cut it with a knife. You can hardly even walk on the board walk. Touching here and there you make your way. And then it happened no kidding. The FLYING DUTCHMAN showed up to your help. You are not even sure if you can see it or not. It’s this ghost like ship that appears here and there at the same time. You couldn’t see the enemy but you can hear screams and noise of paranoid scared people from the Spanish armada. But you had to do your own thing too. You marched everyone to the cannons and screamed “FIRE.” The cannons sang loud as the sound of thousands monster waves coming over you. When it all cleared it became evident that the Spanish armada is half gone and the remaining ships have taken to flight. Not to mention you still can’t relax, cause a bullet just sizzled over your head only to ricochet in a nearby barrel of whisky. And another one, and another one third fourth it starts again AAAAARRRRGHHH! But it’s finally over the noise the cannons pirates screaming and all. And then it all happened. You woke up. Like in bed in your P.J. Somehow the screaming pirates, bullets and the cracking of the wooden ship came far and far away. The only thing you could hear is you mom screaming “put your name here” and more “get up your will be late for school.” Nothing wrong with that and I know you can create your own reality and become whatever want “yes even a pirate.” ok may be a “space ship pirate” these are very fashionable now. So by the speed you getting out of bed I can perceive that you will not have enough earth years to get to the pirates,guns,cannons and all. So I did all the hard work for you and gave it all to you right here. So download this free game and get back on to your future reality!