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InferCabulary 2 Lite

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Why use words to teach vocabulary? No more boring flashcards! This motivating educational app for iPad® includes 10 vocabulary words found in middle school literature.

Use InferCabulary’s beautiful photographs to improve your students’ vocabulary skills. Every word has five amazing photographs with captions. Touch each picture - a caption appears and is read aloud to the student. Students determine the common thread among five carefully chosen pictures that convey the broad, deep meaning of each word in a variety of contexts. “Kid friendly” definitions help students anchor their new understanding of the words.

It is easy to use. Students can practice words in three modes: TEACH, WORD GAMES and DEFINITION GAMES.

Key Features

TEACH Mode - Slide the screen to the right to reveal a list of words taken from popular literature. Select the word to pull up five beautiful photographs that represent the concept of the word in a VARIETY of contexts. Infer the meaning of the word from the pictures and touch each picture for written and audio clues. This app is great for students, educators and speech-language pathologists

GAME Mode –Students analyze the five pictures then choose the correct word out of four that represents the five pictures.

DEFINITION Mode – Two pictures are presented with five definitions. Read and/or listen to the definitions and choose the one that matches the two pictures. If the correct definition is chosen, students earn 100 points. If the incorrect definition is chosen, a third picture pops up with the chance to earn 50 points. The point value decreases with each additional picture clue provided.