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iScale - Plan Sizer

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The quickest and easiest property measurement tool in the app store! iScale allows you to measure floor plans putting size and dimensions into perspective in a few simple steps.

* great for HOME BUYERS and HOME OWNERS.
* great for TRADES PEOPLE.
* great for ANYONE involved in property of ANY TYPE.

iScale is designed to be used by anyone who needs to determine dimensions and size of a property including land, house and individual rooms. iScale is designed to be useful, simple and practical.

How does iScale work? All iScale requires is a floor plan with one known accurate measurement and a user who can count, that's it!

Most floor plans such as those on real estate advertisements show only limited room measurements or a basic scale. It is common not to be able to put this into visual perspective. This is where iScale steps in. By using just one known measurement on a floor plan, iScale will establish a grid scale over the entire property, which puts the whole property size and individual room dimensions into perspective. iScale then has a unique function which allows the whole property, or parts of it, to be measured (eliminating the need to enter endless data!).

iScale has 3 simple steps:

1. Import a floor plan
2. Apply the scale grid
3. Utilise the measurement tool.

Metres or feet? No problem, iScale can scale & measure in both units.

Potential uses of iScale within the housing market are endless. Examples include:

* HOME BUYERS, HOME OWNERS & HOME RENTERS to obtain a better indication of property size and room dimensions (houses, units or apartments). iScale helps to determine the land & house size, the size of individual rooms (will our furniture fit?), whether or not the bedroom dimensions include or exclude the robes (are they single or double bedrooms?), the amount of storage space, the hallway width, the garage size (do our vehicles fit?), the driveway width (does the boat fit up the side?), the size of the front, side and back yards (is there space to renovate, extend, build a garage, deck or pool?). Even if your floor plan shows a house size, do you really know what areas the agent has included as living space?

Potential uses of iScale within the building industry are endless. Examples include:

* BUILDERS & TRADES PEOPLE of all types to obtain a better indication of size so as to be able to supply & quote for a job up-front. Just ask for a floor plan! This can also reduce the number of site visits (if iScale saves just one site visit, this app is paid for).
* BUILDERS & TRADES PEOPLE for swimming pools, carports, garages, decks, sheds etc.

Other uses:

* PROPERTY DEVELOPERS (useful to apply over land to estimate setbacks, development concepts etc)
* VALUERS & APPRAISERS (can save hours compared to using traditional methods to scale a floor plan)
* OCCUPIERS of all types of retail/commercial/industrial property (useful to plan operation lay-out)


- upload photos, floor plans & screen shots
- scanner to capture floor plans
- measurement grid to establish scale
- file manager to save & share floor plans
- ability to apply measurements in metres or feet
- square metre/square feet measurement converter
- Tutorial
- detailed User Guide.

Note; the accuracy of iScale will depend on the accuracy of the floor plan, the accuracy of the measurements on the floor plan used to establish scale and the users ability to use this app correctly.

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