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Ask a Stranger

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Social Networking
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Access the right people anywhere for help or help others and EARN MONEY!

Ask a Stranger is the best Q&A service available. Get location based help anywhere, anytime. Just ask a question! Your question is sent to people who have valuable knowledge about the relevant location. And they will answer quickly… because quick and useful answers are rewarded with a share of the COMMUNITY INCOME.

FEATURES include:
- Money-back guarantee for fast reaction – you can reclaim credits in case help does not come fast enough
- Private messaging – the answers to your questions are for your eyes only. Conversations are private and fully controlled by you
- Follow-up options – you can follow up on any answer by inviting the answerer to a private chat
- Location based help – you can find help anywhere where you go or where you want to go
- Competent answers – your questions are only routed to people who are competent in the chosen topic in the selected area
- Multilingual communities available to help in any language

Is this a service? Is this a social community? Well, it is both: it is a community with the goal to deliver the best answers as quickly as possible anytime, anywhere and for anyone. It’s not just for fun, it’s about getting useful help!

Join to help and EARN MONEY
- Be fast – Fast answers receive high rewards
- Be useful – Extra rewards are available for useful answers
- Be available for follow-up – Earn more by accepting private chat invites
- Invite friends and get commissions based on their and their friends' activity


Ask a Stranger gives community income* to its users:
- Every app and in-app purchase contributes** to the community income
- The community income is distributed to the helping community (thus to you and your fellow helping users) based on your point balance***
- You have your own ’community account’ keeping track of your share of the community income
- You can use the balance of your ’community account’ to buy more Ask a Stranger credits or you can exchange it for real money by using the Cash-out feature****

Ask a Stranger awards only active users: note that your Points will be lost in case you do not log into the application and do not reset the timer on the account page periodically!

Let’s start collecting Points by helping each other and let’s participate in the community income together!

* Community income is a virtual income (using the $-sign is not representing a real currency) which can be redeemed for real money. Please read our Terms and Conditions for details.
** Level of contributions may vary in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
*** Community income is distributed among users when income is realized. The distribution is based on the actual point balances available.
**** Availability and other details on the Cash-out feature are described in the Terms and Conditions.