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The Gabriel Method - Visualization App

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Seeking a holistic, mind-body practice to de-stress and lose weight?

Gabriel Method Visualization is a powerful way for you to re-synch your body and mind, to reduce stress hormones, and naturally guide yourself back to mind-body balance.

With visualization, you’ll experience all the documented benefits of a deep meditation—your nervous system slows down, your hormones balance, your heart rate drops—and all this without any formal training and no need for years of practice before you get started.

Right away, from the very first day, you’ll see and feel the benefits.

Here is what others have to say about these audios:

"The visualization helped me to sleep better at night, and after just one week, I knew that my body was losing weight." — Andrew R.

"The visualizations have been very helpful to me. I already meditate, and Jon’s audio visualizations have opened a new realm for me, of safety and peace."— Tam

"The Gabriel Method is so much more than weight loss. The visualizations empower us to dare to dream, and to attract the life we were meant to live. One of my fat triggers is trauma from car accidents. I have had pain for 40 years. Listening daily to the "Safe/Protected" visualization, my pain reduced 70% in one week. I can now see myself living a life without pain. Wow, just the thought is so freeing! What a great additional benefit to releasing fat triggers, partnering and connecting with my inner and outer body. The mind body approach is powerful not only for physical transformation but also assists me to tap into my inner knowledge. What a gift!" — Jann G.

With this App you can:

- Relaxing and energize with a proven method to de-stress, lose weight, and achieve your goals.
- Visualize easily as you are voice-guided step by step
- Choose a visualization based on the theme that speaks to you.
- Relax deeply and experience the present moment completely

The Gabriel Method Visualization app is useful for beginners and experienced visualizers alike.

The lite version of the app features Jon’s original “before bed” Evening Visualization, used by over 350,000 people in 6 different languages each day. It relieves stress, improves sleep, and lays the foundation for positive change in your life. Simply press “play” at night and listen!

Go deeper and download additional tracks or the complete set. You can enjoy additional audio visualizations including:
• Morning Visualization
• The Living Warrior & Living Goddess Visualizations for men and women
• A Genetically Thin practice
• An Afternoon Recharge
• Creating an Abundant Life
• Balancing Your Blood Sugar
• A Safe, Strong & Protected practice
• A Healing Diabetes Visualization
• A Total Digestion Practice
• A Pre-Exercise Visualization

Download The Gabriel Method Visualization App today and join thousands of our users who are living healthier, happier and more mindful lives.