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Slide A Word

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Puzzle
  • Word
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Slide A Word is a new variation on the "spell words with random letters" genre. In addition to finding words that can be spelled with the available letters, you also need to to unscramble the letters to form the words, using the classic slide puzzle game action.

Multiple game variations are provided, based on the length of the words that must be found and the game duration. You may also play in an un-timed mode where you can look for words as long as you want. Several different color schemes are provided for variety, and you can even create and import your own color schemes using the Pattern Artist app (or Pattern Artist Free).

When you complete a particularly successful game, you can challenge a friend via email to find more words than you did. When your friend receives the email, they can tap on an attachment to open and play the exact same game. (They can play the game on either the free version of the app or the full version.) When they finish, they are informed whether they found fewer or more words than you did, and they have an option to report back the result (although it is up to them whether they actually email the results back to you).

You can tap on letters to move them (towards the space), but to really excel at the game, you will need to get the hang of dragging your finger, which instantly moves touched pieces. (Note that you don't drag the pieces - you cause the piece under your finger to move toward the space. You could think of it as dragging the space rather than pieces.)

Whether you want a quick word de-scrambling game or a longer and more relaxed vocabulary-building challenge, Slide A Word is ready to slide into action!