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LearnByTouch4(Kids first multiplication table learning happily by listening, thinking and touching)

  • Entertainment
  • Education
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Learn multiplication table by touch,listen and guess.
1. Can show interesting animation if you touch one
2. Can listen the pronunciation of both mother language and English
3. Can calculate the result of two touched numbers
4. Can be asked questions by mother language

Learning Mode
1. Touch->listen->speak
2. Listen->think->touch

Pay attention
1. Make sure your speaker is open and volume is enough
2. Guided Access can help you, if your baby is too little

User Guide
1. Click number from 1 to 99 to listen and learn
2. Click the Start button to listen the question
3. Think and touch the answer after the question
4. Click the Refresh button to show by origin order
5. Click the tab of "0-99" or "1×1-9×9" or "?×?=?" to change view
6. Click the refresh button to stop the game mode

User Guide Detail
Please see the demo video of below