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Chinese landscape Painting Appreciation

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Chinese landscape painting is not just one of the great arts of China; it is one of the greatest products of world civilization. There are many famous landscape paintings in ancient and contemporary China.
Are you interested in their backgrounds and historical values?
What turns them to the epic masterpieces?
Can you identify their great value?

Chinese landscape paintings precipitate the heaviest emotion of Chinese people, and Chinese culture entitled the landscape paintings with unique artistic value.
The landscape paintings not only contain the artistic prospect, style, conception, and color, but also express the emotion to country that only belongs to the Chinese people. They stand for a time’s historical and cultural value.

We prepare a visual feast of landscape paintings for you, you can appreciate the valuable masterpieces, feel the folk customs alongside Bian River on tomb sweeping day of the Northern Song dynasty under Zhang Zeduan’s brush, reexperience the scenery of meeting Goddess Luo under Gu Kaizhi’s brush… Through these paintings, you can realize our national heritage and classical character.

Hundreds of HD exquisite paintings display Chinese ancient and contemporary landscape painting, but they are much more like an art exhibition of landscape paintings. The paintings with huge size antique flavor give us a visual baptism and lead us to the colorful world in art.

【Characteristic of the app】

200 HD pictures of the landscape painting
Layout with interactive designation
Three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

This app covers many landscape paintings in the sequence of time, illustrates the styles and characters of each painting, so we can appreciate with clear thought.
--- YOYO
Its interactive designation is cool and its contents is comprehensive, seeming like in gallery when reading.
--- Maple
The paintings come out one after one, I feel like at an painting exhibition. Besides, note explanation entitles the paintings with soul. I learn a lot from this app.
--- Zhen Mi