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KidsCalculate Math Basics - Learn to Count, Add and Subtract with a System based on Montessori and Number Line

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*** The Very Best Method for a Strong Maths Foundation ***

KidsCalculate beats traditional methods like Bead String, Montessori stacking system and Abacus !

(see for a detailed comparison)

* Quotes

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'A private tutor in your pocket!'

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'From an educational standpoint, KidsCalculate Math Basics exceeds expectations'

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'KidsCalculate Math Basics – The Best Way to Understand Math Basics'


* KidsCalculate teaches:
comparison, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication tables and - learning numbers in 9 foreign languages -

* KidsCalculate is for:
children of age 4-9.

* KidsCalculate is awesome, because:
it helps children to develop a mental image that lets them understand preferred methods for solving mental calculations.

* KidsCalculate is preparing for the future, because:
research for the British Educational Research Association has shown that a useful mental image helps children to develop good calculative and mathematical skills on the long run.


* Details

‣ All quantities are organised in a clear way in a single dimension.
‣ The numbers can be viewed as digits as well.
‣ The numbers can be heard out-loud.
‣ The visualised quantities can be manipulated.
‣ In an intuitive way, the manipulation game allows that either tens or units can be moved, yet never both of them at the same time.
‣ The manipulation game sheds insight into when tens are being formed or need to be broken up.
‣ The behaviour of the manipulation game makes sure that the basic techniques that are required for performing mental calculations are obtained in an intuitive and playful way.

• The difficulty level can be adapted at will.
• Real time adaptive feedback helps whenever needed.
• An artificial intelligence can be called upon to demonstrate ways of solving the current exercise.
• Campagnes with learning lines for specific skills and with adaptive progress.
• Tons of cool animations, prizes that can be won and cutscene movies.
• Mini games function as reward, as a break, and they provide a practical context to exercise the current skill.

‣ Up to 32 accounts per device.
‣ A lot can be configured. Like whether to allow sound, minigames or animations in the manipulation game, and whether timer speeds should be set tight for a specific student.
‣ A "Remedial Teaching Detail Menu" allows the selection of series of very specific exercises, like for example "subtract from numbers that end with 5, for numbers of 0 to 50, with timer enabled and set to level 5".
‣ Student tracking and analysis system. Easily generate overviews of who's doing well, who's not, and why.
‣ Explanatorium. Quickly compose a specific exercise for teaching purposes.
‣ Multi-Platform. On pc or mac, KidsCalculate can be played as an online app as well.

• Because of the clear visualisation of the quantities and the possibility to have them read out-loud, part of the children with dyslexia or dyscalculia benefit from KidsCalculate as well.

IPhone 3GS+, IPod4+, IPad2+