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Duck Dry Foot and the spiders

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Action
  • Adventure
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A stop and think adventure duck game. Duck Dry Foot likes to keep his feet dry.
He walks, runs and jumps from platform to platform to get to his next girlfriend.
The piggies are his friends and helps him complete the levels.
He can grab the pigs by throwing out this long tongue.
He some times frees the piggies from cages so they can later help him.
Play this fun and friendly duck game where logic sometimes is set a side.
Use your with and brainpower to conquer the different levels.

Have fun and please drop me a review note if you have the time.

What is the tongue used for?
- Shoot out the tongue to stick to pigs... Watch out the tongue also sticks to porky pines.
The tongue can also trigger the rolling rocks.

How do I kick the pigs?
- Just press the foot so the duck is standing still. If any pigs nearby then another button will appear.

How many levels are there?
- Currently 10 easy ones and 10 which is a bit more difficult.

Can I buy a version without ads?
- I am planning to launch a "Premium" version without ads for around 1$ to begin with.

Is it possible to play as a multiplayer game?
- No single player and on 1 device or screen.

Theres a lot of hearts. Is it a game for valentines day?
- It could be played also at valentines day, but it is not a theme game.

What should I do about the small spiders?
- You can squish them by pressing on the screen where they are.

How do I get out of the web the big spiders make?
- Just make a swipe gesture on the web and the duck will be free.

Short summary: This is a platform game with forced walk / run. Then jump or stop to use the tongue.
Balloons can be cut down my touching the wires.

This duck game is a bit difficult so feel free to view the youtube-video to learn how to play.