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Chinese Birthdays

iPhone / iPad
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Keep track of Chinese birthdays, which follow the lunisolar Chinese Calendar. This app allows you to maintain a list of birthdays/events which are important to you, then add the converted dates to the current calendar year on your device.

It's easy to remember what day Chinese New Year falls on, for example, and setup a calendar alert. In the app, just create an entry for Chinese New Year (first day of the first month in the Chinese Calendar), then allow the app to save the converted date(s) into your calendar with an alert. Repeat as desired for any other lunar date that's important to you.

Although iOS 8 supports Chinese Calendars natively, you can only create repeating lunar calendar events as a Contact's birthday: you cannot create the event directly in the iOS calendar app. It's awkward, roundabout, and inconvenient.

This app makes things easy by eliminating the need to create Contacts. See all important birthdays/events in one place. Search your calendars for existing events. It's elegant and convenient. Download today and try for yourself.


- easily convert dates between the Chinese and Gregorian Calendars
- maintain a list of birthdays/events, following either the Chinese or Gregorian Calendar
- save this list to the Default Calendar on your mobile device, specifying starting & ending year, and alarm settings
- works even if your calendar is linked to an external source
- a search function is provided, allowing you to find, edit, or delete an event in any of your calendars

Special thanks to Pandora Lee and Tracy Lee for Chinese translation.