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Pumpkin Mine Legend

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
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we are Introducing the game "Pumpkin legend".
From now on you are a wizard, you must find the pumpkin is hiding on wizard's way home.
To find out as much as the goal of a pumpkin that is hidden under the grass is the goal of the game.
Invite your friends around to find the pumpkins in the shortest amount of time, or, find a pumpkin on time, quickly find the colored pumpkins hidden in a field dotted try to rank competing with your friends.

- How to Play
The control is very simple. Double-touch and open grass grid possible, to find a pumpkin in hiding as watching the numbers. Click on the icon at the bottom and then using a variety of hint items, you can solve the difficult part.
If the pumpkin is exploded, the game will be over
When you click on an empty square, you can continue the game.
If the numbers are appear on grids, that means the pumpkins are around its 8 grass grids.
Using this information, you must assume that it is safe when you click on any grass of the lawn around.

-Hints and Tips-
Put the mushrooms on the lawn grids that hide Pumpkins.
Touch and hold on the grass that you think is hidden, then a mushroom will be planted on the location of the pumpkin will be displayed.
Study the pattern.
When the number is displayed, turn the binttang 2-3-2 in a row, you know that pumpkin is subsequently turned hiding in the grass next to the three columns. The pumpkins are hidden in all the grass around number 8 on the lawn.
Navigate to where you did not explore.
If you do not know what the next step, explore the area that you didn't try to find.
We recommend that you do touch the grid that don't have the number on it.

Use the hints items.
Use three different shapes of hints items to suit your needs,
If you go do not understand how to play, please play the stage 1.
Come on! Now, as soon as possible to find a pumpkin in time try to compete with friends and rank.
you need a network connection to play.
This game requires an Internet connection and may require special care, such as long time trial drive data charges.

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