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Instacom PTT

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Mobile Tornado Group PLC is a leading provider of instant communications. Mobile Tornado’s offerings include Instant Talk (Push To Talk), Instant Locate, Instant Alert and Instant Message.
Mobile Tornado’s Instacom client is an “always on” communication solution that enables instant voice communication within an enterprise over a wide range of smart phones, rugged mobile computers, tablets, and Windows computers; with a focus on enterprise workforce management. Mobile Tornado enables services to be consolidated onto one single handset - which can be sourced from a number of suppliers. A company can therefore communicate worldwide with one or many employees simultaneously, locate its remote workforce, and are alerted immediately if major issues arise, whilst reducing device costs.
Mobile Tornado’s Instacom client  is designed to work with either your existing 2.5G/3G/4G cellular data connection or Wi-Fi/WiMAX wireless networks.

Key Features
* Instantaneous response.
* Highly scalable instant communications between individuals and groups.
* Cross-carrier and Wi-Fi interoperable anywhere—all major carriers are supported.
* The Web-based management interface allows creation of contact and group management, provisioning,
connection and license usage reporting and more.
* All conversations are securely encrypted.
* Two types of group communications: Radio channel and Broadcast Group.
* Ability to create Ad hoc groups and Personal groups.
* Broadcast to all members of a group with a single push.
* Presence status can be set to ‘Online’, ‘Page me’ or ‘Do not disturb’; and see the presence and availability of
each user.
* Send Instant Messages to a single user or groups.
* Send request to talk alerts.