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Make 20 +Quests

iPhone / iPad
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Make 20 introduces children to addition with teen numbers. Help your child to understand how math works instead of just memorizing and repeating math facts.

This is the second in a series of apps to help children really understand how math works. While schools often push young children to memorize addition facts, the students who understand HOW to add can then use their skills to solve more complex problems. Make 20 displays blocks as ones and groups of ten, giving your child a visual understanding of how our base 10 system works. Blocks can be ungrouped (by pulling fingers apart) or regrouped into sticks of 10. Make 20 picks up where traditional base 10 blocks leave off.

Make 20 also covers several U.S. kindergarten and first grade common core standards in a meaningful and easy to understand way. This is a great app for a struggling first or second grader, or an advanced kindergartener. If your child struggles with Make 20 +Quests, start them off with Make 10 +Quests and move up when they feel ready to tackle teen numbers.