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NearJobs | Nearby Small and Odd Jobs Markeplace

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It’s closer than you think—The app all your neighbours are talking about is bound to get the job done.
Like LinkedIn Job Search, but filled with odd jobs and small tasks from around your neighbourhood, this app will connect you to quick nearby cash indeed. Find near jobs just and build a reputation for yourself with your neighbours by completing jobs, and getting paid in the process. Bid on the jobs you like and pass on the ones you don’t. Use our instant messaging (live chat) feature to negotiate a price that is bound to put a smile on your face and some money in your pocket indeed.
Have an odd job? Post it on NearJobs and have it done in a flash.
From odd job search to getting the job done, NearJobs helps you through the entire process.
Let the app do the work for you:
1- WORKERS (job seekers)
• You won’t have to lift a finger. Okay, maybe just one. PICK, CHAT, DO and be PAID all through the app itself.
• GET ALERTS for nearby jobs as they pop up.
• CHAT LIVE with nearby job posters
• BUILD a REPUTATION by creating a profile and completing jobs. Then get yourself featured on the app for more neighbours to see! get ready for a certification from us that shows you are skilled.
2- Need Workers?
• Simply post a chore you don’t want to do yourself.
• CHAT LIVE with the workers who place offer on your chores to award the job to one you like.
• Give your neighbour an awesome review after the wonderful job they did for you because of NearJobs.
You just saved money and time by outsourcing to your neighbours before calling expensive companies.
Some near jobs that can be listed are gardening, running errands, delivery, shopping, cleaning, cutting grass, moving, deck fixing, computer help, computer and cell phone fixing, tutoring, teaching lessons, fixing a car, walking a dog, house keeping, nursing, web design, logo design, graphic design, handyman, needing a truck, rideshare, need a van, packing, junk removal, cooking, nearby chefs, hiring someone to entertain, Dj, music lessons, construction, hiring, employment, and many more. Your day can't become better by near jobs.
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Tell us about your job search experience with near jobs on Nearjobs or how fast your job was done by an energetic youth near you, and be the first to hear the latest updates indeed: