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Exsalerate Video Meeting

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INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY AND MINIMISE YOUR EXPOSURE TO LEGAL RISK by having high quality recordable video enabled meetings through your CRM, all from the convenience of your iPad.

TRANSFORM THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR CRM by adding a video capability to your CRM meetings allowing you to be on opposing corners of the world and selectively record sections of your meetings (or the entire meeting) and store them securely in the cloud. Access the recordings simply through the calendar. Open the meeting you had, and the files are all archived and waiting for you to play back or send on as reference to key stake holders to view on any video capable device.

IDEAL FOR INDUSTRY COMPLIANCE when you must obtain proof of particular activity. This app provides a way of recording without doubt that; structural changes have been made to a job site, signage has been displayed to a compliant standard or even video confirmation from an employee that they understand and agree to the procedural changes you make to ensure your business compliant and free of expensive litigation.

PERFECT FOR HUMAN RESOURCES when those all-important discussions need to be recorded with 100% accuracy for reference. Dispute resolution can be a challenging process and knowing exactly what has (or has not) been said can the difference between a simple or lengthy, complicated and expensive resolution.

SPEED UP YOUR SALES PROCESS by delivering the client the powerful combination of video discussion and document navigation simultaneously. No more sending an email and waiting for a response you can now strike while the irons hot and gain instant verification and authorisation of important documentation.

FOCUSSED CONTENT DELIVERY by pinching the screen to zoom in on parts of a document that are relevant, giving the Host 100% control of what the recipient needs to focus on. Once the contract or document has been discussed, send it through for a signature.

VIEW AND SHARE MULTIPLE FILE TYPES FROM MULTIPLE LOCATIONS with ease and flexibility. SuiteBox allows you to view .pdf, .png and .jpg files from multiple source locations. Access files from DropBox or even from within the device itself. This gives you access to your files from the convenience of the cloud or straight from on board the device.

SAVE TIME ACCESSING THE RELEVANT DOCUMENTATION from that meeting a few weeks ago. It’s all there, at your fingertips within your CRM, stored in the cloud and accessible from almost anywhere. All documents are stored against the meeting they were used in, ensuring you have 100% accuracy with a full itemised record of what documents were discussed at which time.

REDUCE YOUR IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT by taking another step toward a paperless business ecosystem. Everything you need is right within your content library. Accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

TEACH AND BE TAUGHT at the most convenient location through the power of simultaneous video/document enabled sessions all booked through your CRM. A perfect solution for those wanting to train staff where you are free to engage in video discussion and navigate your student through documents in a virtual classroom but conducted from remote locations.

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