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die konstruktionsorgel

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Anyone can do art! painting without brushes and paint but with light and shapes only: One canvas, eight shapes – infinite numbers of possible compositions! die konstruktionsorgel is a machine envisioned by the bauhaus-teacher and artist László Moholy-Nagy in 1938.

Create expressive artworks und share your art as a punch cards with other users via the global pinakothek. save your artwork as a picture in your photo library, share it on the social networks or send it via mail to your friends. get an understanding of the basic principles of constructivistic art and gain insight into the teachings of the bauhaus by composing with die konstruktionsorgel!

Your possibilities with die konstruktionsorgel:
- Choose a canvas and determine its color and opacity
- Choose up to 8 shapes based on the constructivistic artworks by Moholy-Nagy
- Infinitely variable shape opacity
- Arrange the shapes on your canvas and compose your very own artwork
- DaDa-function: shape, color and opacity are chosen at random
- Save your compositions in the global pinakothek
- Open compositions made by other users and work with them
- The CONSTRUCTIVISTIC TELEGRAM provides you with news, initiates contests and awards the winners