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Read life through colors

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Different color has different meanings. Blue means depressed; white means pure; red means passion; red means hope; black means nobility, etc.

We live in a world full of colors. Each color represents a style of life. What color do you belong to? Who kind of life do you have?

This app uses color to describe culture, life and mood. It introduces 12 colors from the

following aspects:
The psychological effects;
The symbolic meaning;
The cultural meaning;
The political meaning;

Understanding yourself and life with the meaning of color, you can use different color to enrich your life.

【Characteristics of the app】

Introduction of 12 colors and their representative meanings
Colorful pictures
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

It is magic that colors relate to psychology, which really enlarges my knowledge scope.
--- Jessie
The contents are new to me. I was so attracted by this app that I cannot close it before I finished reading.
--- Bon
This app introduces colors comprehensively. It analyzes them from a total new perspective, which make me know more about color.
--- Penny

【About us】

“Cool reading” is our principle. We are devoted to providing readers with better and newer 4D reading materials!
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