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MSPA Tools

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The Multiple Sclerosis Patient Assessment (MSPA) Tools iPad App is designed to simplify, standardize and automate the assessment of patient and caregiver described Multiple Sclerosis (MS) neuropsychological, disability and comorbid symptom related issues. The MSPA Toolset was developed with the clinician in MIND. The toolset contains valid and reliable assessment tools for Multiple Sclerosis patients.

The MSPA Tools Tablet App contains the following instruments:
MS Neuropsychological Questionnaire Patient (MSNQP) SF-15
MS Neuropsychological Questionnaire Informant (MSNQI) SF-15
MS Vocational Accommodations Survey (MSVAS) Modified Fatigue Impact Scale (MFIS)
Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CESD)
Medical Outcomes Survey(MOS) SF-36
Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9

The MSPA Tools app was developed in consultation with MS thought leader Dr Ralph Benedict. The application takes only a few minutes and helps doctors assess, evaluate, and manage multiple sclerosis (MS). The efficiency of the application allows for collecting important clinical data in the waiting room or exam room. Generated reports are auto-scored. Clinics can now add efficiency to their practice by custom configuring and automating the collection and standardized scoring of important patient and caregiver information.

The MSPA Tools app requires an annual subscription. The subscription provides unlimited access to the MSPA Tools.