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5am Life Hacker Magazine The Strategy of Early Rising Unleashing Your Passion and Living a New Rich Life

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5am Life Hacker Magazine.

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If you already wake up early or would love to forge a new 5am Life Hacker habit this magazine is going to be your personal coach so you can push forwards towards SUCCESS.

Life Hacking refers to any strategy, shortcut or skill that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. 5am Life Hacker magazine reflects the purpose of our 5am Wake Up Call philosophy, that is, how to wake up early each day and take your life head on working with focus, discipline and persistence to fast track achieving success with your major (or not so major) purpose, goal or dreams.

The habit of early rising is the secret strategy for many of the worlds highest achievers such as Richard Branson, Darren Hardy, Donald Trump, John Grisham, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.

So why not make it yours as well? After all, what are you waiting for? This habit will fast tract your success so you can live the life you always thought you would.

Sadly, too many dreams and ambitions are put on the back burner in a busy and demanding life. However, when you regularly wake up early you will find the time to put YOU first, before work, before the demands of the day, before you get busy.

So what do you really want to do with your life?

Get fit, lose weight, earn more money, be promoted, learn a language, study for a degree, go on an adventure, spend more quality time with friends and family and have your day (your life) under control so you can live a New Rich Life.

This magazine will be your will your personal trainer/ coach/ and mentor by:

•Showcase past and present famous 5amers and appreciate that this habit has helped thousands earn a fortune, find happiness and live a dream life;
•Explain the benefits this habit add to more areas of your life than you ever thought possible;
•Give you valuable tips so you can make a 5am Life Hacking enjoyable and achievable;
•Help you discover your magnificent obsession so you have focus, passion and motivation to live big.
•Give your New Rich Life strength by examining the essential five foundations:
oHealth and Fitness;
oFriends and Family;
oWealth and
•And a few surprise’s along the way….

The 5am Life Hacker Magazine is bringing the world’s tribe of 5amers together to celebrate, learn and work towards living an incredible life.

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