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My Phone Vouchers - Australia

iPhone / iPad
  • Finance
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Download from AppStore gives you access to more than 55,000 discount coupons per year.

Put you mobile phone number in to the settings page to receive a SMS of your passcode. In settings you can also set how far you are willing to travel to for discounts. You do not need a passcode to see our vouchers but you need to one to use them.

In settings we also ask some demographic information. This information is not used to target you with offers. We use this to promote our product to advertisers which will ensure that the offers we get match the demographics. The only exception to the rule is we might restrict access to adult type offers to our younger users. But the data will never be given to advertisers or used to change the order of there vouchers.

At any time you can press the "Get Location" button to use your devices built-in GPS to set your location or you can put in an address and browse a location on the map to set your location. To save battery and because we don't need to be 100% accurate we turn your GPS off once we get a location with an accuracy of 100 metres or better.

Once you have set your location you can select a type of service your are looking for.

Local Offers - These are the businesses that are within the distance you put into your settings and are sorted by the distance they are away for your set location.

Delivered Offers - These are businesses that are wiling to deliver their offer to your. This is based on your location and how far the business is willing to travel. The listings are sorted by how far your are away from the businesses.

Mobile Offers - These are business that generally don't have a shop front but do business at your location. A good example is a mobile mechanic.

Online Offers - This is exactly what is says. Offers that are available on online generally have promotion codes and/or a link to a way to redeem your savings.