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Dolch Sight Words Match HD

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PERFECT your DOLCH SIGHT WORDS through pairs! We’ve combined MATCHING & MEMORY with over 300 HIGH FREQUENCY SIGHT WORDS to help your child or learner BOOST their WORD RECOGNITION and become PROFICIENT READERS. 28 DIFFERENT GAME VARIATIONS help to improve READING, SPELLING & LISTENING to TEACH, TEST and ENGAGE your learners for hours.

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It’s simple to play

Tap a card to turn it over. Now tap another card. Do the cards match for the game type you are playing? If they match, both cards will become the same colour, which helps you to remember the matching pairs. Say the word out loud as you read or hear it. If the two cards don’t match, they will turn over again.

Your reading, spelling, listening and memory will be tested as you play. What’s the lowest number of moves or best time it takes you to match all the pairs? When you’ve matched all the pairs, you can tap each matching pair for some extra practice and hear the sounds too. You can find out your Dolch Sight Words Match Rank on the result page. Which set of words can you become a Genius on? Challenge your classmates, friends or family!

Choose the Word Level that’s right

We’ve provided ALL the DOLCH SIGHT WORD broken down into age appropriate HIGH FREQUENCY WORD sets, plus NOUNS and one extra level that has ALL the SIGHT WORDS in.


Word to Word
This is the easiest game and great for word recognition. It simply requires the player to identify and match the identical words. You can hear the word spoken each time you tap a card.

Read & Listen
Can you find all the matching sound + spelling pairs? One card has a sound button and plays the sound only. Its matching pair has the spelling only.

Missing Letters
One card in the pair has a word on it, but with letters hidden by ‘?’ or ‘??’. Its matching pair has the letters that are hidden by the ‘?’ or ‘??’.

Bit by Bit
Match the first part of a word with the second part to make the full word. If the ‘_ ‘ lines are at the end, then you need to find the last part of the word to match the pair. If the ‘_’ lines are at the beginning, then you need to find the first part of the word. Each ‘_’ = one letter missing.

PRACTISE while you PLAY-Help is just tap away!

SUPPORT is available at ANYTIME. We want learners to test themselves and boost their confidence, and not to struggle and be discouraged. Simply tap the HELP button to see all the words in the game you are playing. You can hear the word spoken too. There’s no need for learners to get stuck or frustrated, as it allows the learners to solve their own problems and keep playing.

CHECK & REVIEW after you play

We keep the matched questions and answers on screen for extra practice. Matched pairs don’t disappear but become the same colour, giving your learners an extra chance to learn and remember the right answers. Great for teaching in class with all the pairs matched/colour-coded for you. Plus, they can tap the matching cards to hear the native English speaker audio.

LEARN at your own pace-INCREASE confidence

Learners can take their time while playing these addictive, challenging games. It’s not about time, it’s about the number of cards you flip to match all the pairs.

So, let our Dolch Sight Words Match HD iPad app give your child/students a fun, head-start on their road to English success. Play with your child/students or play against them, however you play you’ll combine learning with fun.

Developed by online & mobile education specialists, Cambridge English Online Ltd, with 10 years’ experience creating fun, online and mobile resources, Dolch Sight Words Match HD iPad app has been tested and reviewed by teaching professionals and parents and aims to support National Curriculum guidelines on teaching and learning primary literacy.