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Download the app so you can instantly personalize the Soundhawk Smart Listening System to your unique listening preferences and your environment.

What is Soundhawk?

Each of us hears differently and no two environments sound the same. As our world grows noisier, more people are hearing less of what matters most. Soundhawk is a powerful, simple solution to help you optimize your listening experience in almost any situation. It includes three elegantly designed pieces of hardware and a mobile app that allows you to instantly personalize Soundhawk to you and your environment.

What can I do with the Soundhawk app?

By downloading and opening the app, Soundhawk provides you the fastest and easiest set-up experience. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to learn how to connect Soundhawk to your iPhone or iPad, personalize the Scoop to your listening preferences and learn more about how to use Soundhawk with our extensive in-app help.

With the Soundhawk mobile app, you can tune the Soundhawk Scoop to your unique listening preferences. By simply tapping your finger on your iPhone or iPad screen you can hear the difference in real-time. Within a few seconds you will find the position that sounds best to you. Release your finger and Soundhawk is now personalized to you.

You can also select different Sound Scenes to optimize your listening experience for different environments. We have created (4) Sound Scenes for you: Indoors, Outdoors, Dining and Driving which represent a broad array of environments where you will use your Soundhawk. Each Sound Scene has different settings for microphone directionality and the amount of environmental noise reduction.

To learn more, and to buy a Soundhawk Smart Listening System, visit