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iTHumi is specially developed for the i-age where products are integrated into the mobile devices for mobility, flexibility and upgradability. Plug into the earphone jack and working together with a dedicated App downloadable from the App Store, the small iTHumi device turns the mobile device, be it an iPhone or iPad, into a powerful Temperature-Humidity Data Logger challenging those very expensive ones now are in the market. It uses no battery, almost same size as an USB dongle, but provides accuracy, speed and range equal and better than those standalone types. Its custom designed microchip with state-
of-the art sensors ensures years of use with no need of calibration. The intuitive and user friendly app are most of time self-explanatory and requires no training to deploy. Because it employs an app, the iTHumi can constantly be upgraded without need to buy a new device. The functions are in the app so improvement can be executed quickly. Indeed, the iTHumi is the data logger of the future available NOW.

- Temperature systems : °C and °F changeable
- Max/Min reading for temperature and humidity and Dew Point and Wet Bulb temperature readings
- 5 sets of user settable high and low alarm
- 4 records (locations) with maximum 100 data
- Each location has the GPS co-coordinates and each data contain temperature and humidity values with time and date
- Continuous graph plots of temperature and humidity and can be exported by CVS format for defined period of time. Graph can be sent alone or with photo via email and social media like Facebook, Twitter
- Capture features to take photo of location or from library with temperature, humidity, time and date and GPS data printed on photo for sending or storage.