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Be Your Own Family Doctor: Check the Body at Home!

  • Health & Fitness
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Health is a valuable asset, which is the assurance to personal happiness and family happiness as well as social progress.
Do you want to be a competent doctor to defend the health of family members?
Do you want to learn Disease self-test examination and family medical methods for early detection of disease signs and timely medical treatment?

"Be Your Own Family’s Doctor" covers nearly 100 families examination and self-test methods such as whole body condition, organ function, common diseases, nutritional status, lifestyle, mental state etc. In the popularized prevention and treatment knowledge of common diseases, you can find a method to deal with the disease according to the situation, which is really a
practical home assistant.

"Be Your Own Family’s Doctor" provides the right way to self-test for you:
10 kinds of self-test methods of body state
15 kinds of self-test methods of common diseases
11 kinds of self-test methods of organ function
12 kinds of self-test methods of nutritional status
5 kinds of self-test methods of mental state
3 kinds of self-test methods of living habit

【Characteristics of the app】

Self-diagnose methods
Exquisite pictures and comprehensive texts
Health keeping methods
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

Very detailed physical self-test method, which is very suitable for family reading, strongly recommended!
——Bliss Dream
I downloaded for my mother, as she didn’t want to go to the hospital anyway. I buy this application for her because I see the detail methods to self-tests, hope it will be useful.
——Sister Xuemei
These little healthy in life is useful for our easy life. I pay attention to some of the details of life after reading this, so it’s very nice.

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