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OKU is the world's first mobile connected device designed to be your Personal Skin Coach. OKU is a smart way to take care of your skin to keep aging at bay and achieve a youthful, healthy glow.

OKU connects to your iPhone via bluetooth and does the following via the my OKU app:

1) shows you the results of analyzing your skin via an easy to understand SkinScore, rating your skin's status on a scale of 0 to 100.
2) allows you to track your SkinScore over time to see how your skin is changing.
3) sets and helps you achieve daily and long-terms goals by providing appropriate diet, lifestyle and product recommendations personalized for you. OKU uses advanced technology and crowdsourcing from similar OKU users like you (aka SkinTwins).
4) Integrates with Apple health Kit and uses relevant health data for detailed analyse of your skin

OKU is smart (and gets smarter the more you use it), precise and easily used on the go.

Thanks for being one of the first users to join the OKU community!