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-Horror game-From the bottom of the gloomy well

iPhone / iPad
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◆◇◆◇Terror! A Horror Nurturing Game !!◇◆◇◆

There once was a well in a very dark place.
This well was very eerie and had a strange feeling about it.
A young boy very cautiously approached the well.
"What's this? It's just a plain old well."
He softly mumbled to himself as if he was disappointed.
…But.. It was then ……
He felt something touch his right hand and when he turned to look,
From inside the well a hand had stretched out and was tightly grasping his hand…
He shook his hand free in an instant and fell back and gasped.
"Something... something's in the well!!..."
What in the world… could be in that well…
From that day, a strange relationship of the young boy
and the inhabitants living at the bottom of the well began.

[Playing Instructions]
A horror nurturing game with a new feel!
Solve the mysterious secret hidden inside the well!

①Various changes happen around the well!
Obstacles such as cats and crows continuously appear around the well.
You can "flick" the cats and the crows to clear them away.
Clearing the way will bring you intimately closer to the well.

②Strange Candy…
For some strange reason, there are lots of candy scattered around the well.
Try picking some up and tossing them into the well.
When you do, a terrible reaction from the depths of the well....

③Mysteries being revealed…
By increasing the intimacy with the well,
you will proceed through the stages.
As you do, the mysteries of the well will gradually reveal themselves to you.

④"New Elements" unlocked as you play more
As you progress through the stages, the story will proceed and
new elements to the game are added.
You should absolutely play with these elements.

[*Recommended Environment*]
*Absolutely do not play this with the sound ON.
*Absolutely do not play this alone.
*Absolutely do not play this at night.
*Absolutely do not…

This app contains displays of horror.
People with weak hearts should refrain from playing.

[*When you are stumped and can't proceed*]
When stuck on a stage, share information with Tweets!
①Cats and crows increasingly appear during Boost Time
②You can get candy that will increase intimacy in gratitude for Tweets