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My real intention - I will ascertain the true feelings of the opposite sex!

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Love diagnostic app !! to be in "full view" the men and women of the real intention
Unrequited love, love does not last long, I want to know more about the opponent. .
Love is, let's start from the fact that first to know the opponent.

■ The main function
[The diagnosis !! the real intention understanding of the opposite sex]
[Love consultation !! anonymously]
[Answer of diagnosis and watch all !!]
[Answer problems created from the questionnaire format !!]
[I write a letter of real intention to family and friends, lover]
[!! You can make your problem]
[Also enhance SNS post]

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To people that there is such trouble!
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Recommended to you too seriously lovelorn!

-Lover relationship troubles
Lover has become a burden
Opponent might get bored
Might lover is cheating
I do not know the other party of true feelings
I want to know the cause of broke up with lover
I want to Minuki the lie of the opponent
I can not and I want to marry lover
Want that person to confirm whether a person of destiny

· Encounter troubles
You are in trouble well by being wrecked
I do not know how to Dating
It is not able to deal with people who like
Has never been dating
It is not me noticed my charm
I want to love but some that you have divorced
And I was invited to joint party, you do not know whether I can say
I want to know more about the opposite sex
The Tai anyway Koigashi
I want to find the ideal partner
Do not know confession of how the

• General love of trouble
There are things you want to hear in the sex thing
I want to talk to someone
And I wonder what about me compatibility with that person
Want advice of love
I want to know the psychology of people who like
I want to talk to girls, boys
Want to be happy
And I wonder what about me my personality
I want to be a couple
Do not know etch How is
I want to consult I was broken-hearted
You do not know the how to send mail to people anxious
I want to read the Koisetsu
I want to compatibility diagnostic
I want to improve the love psychology
I want to know the true self
I want to make the topic of talk
I want to hear that you do not hear a Friend
Want comments in trouble I've posted
Love view of colleagues anxious
I want to post a trouble anonymously
There is no men and women of experience
There is a trouble that can not be said to family
Actually what about me wall Don?

Come Those who are true even one in this, let's solve the problem with this app!