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IsVieweis a software that can view the drawings of DXF file format iPhone, the iPad.
You can browse by incorporating the body via iTunes dxf file format.
View easily at hand, but you can.

It is a software-only rendering functions basic line type, line color, Layer functions, etc. are not reflected.

IsView you can do the following.
dxf drawings of the (text) format
Scaling of drawings
How to use.
I will prepare a dxf file.
The character code corresponding only Japanese shift-jis.
Only supports standard file format.
Click on the terminal that you want to transfer by launching the iTunes.
I click the APP at the top of the screen.
I will look for the file sharing section at the bottom of the screen.
The Locate and then click IsViewer app from the list of file sharing.
I press the Add button Add button, the destination will appear
Select the file you want to display file selection window is displayed by pressing the Add button.
Working in itunes is completed.
Operation of the terminal side (display)
I launched the IsView in terminal.
Tap the previous file is because they appear when launch.
You can be displayed above.
Operation of the terminal side (file deletion)
I set up the Isview.
I click the Edit button at the upper left of the screen How to List in (TOP screen).
Click the mark of the file you want to delete mark will appear on the left side Tomare.
Click so come out and remove the right end when you click
File will disappear from the list.
Press the Finish button at the upper left of the screen to exit the editing operation.