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Unio is a tablet-first, cloud-based learning operating system, which disrupts the idea behind traditional learning management systems and bridges the digital-physical divide.

Unio offers a new in-class pedagogy where teachers and students are networked in classrooms (conventional or online) and off-it. Real-time collaboration and feedback is the backbone of Unio, with teacher white-boarding broadcasted automatically to all students instantly, with the students having the ability to annotate notes on top of the teacher layer (unlike screen-sharing apps). Further, these student annotations can be monitored by the teacher in real-time for corrections or for broadcasting to other students.

Rather than tie itself to one source of content, Unio provides a conduit to the breadth and width of open content like YouTube for Education, with learning artefacts from these not opening in a separate browser window to get lost, but as part of the notes itself, co-existing with student annotations. In addition, Unio integrates with all forms of proprietary content from publishers and teachers themselves in MS Office and HTML5 formats.

The blended content created in the class, with all its multimedia richness, is available on the cloud at home for students to not just revise, but replay with audio or for assessments.

Real-time, powerful student analytics from in-class quizzes and assignments, add the final dimension of power to Unio, enabling the teacher to spot slow-learners ahead of time.

Unio has resulted in telling impact in classrooms across educational segments with teachers reporting quicker lesson coverage and class participation and students exuding better engagement and learning outcomes.

Existing institutional users of Unio can use their current logins allocated by the school / university. Users new to Unio can request trial access from the login screen - the Unio customer service team will verify your identity and allocate trial user logins within 24 hours.

•Shared whiteboarding
•Live monitoring of student whiteboarding
•Embedding of PPT, DOC and PDF files with annotations
•Group Work
•Graded Discussions
•Lesson Planning