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Golden Hair Fairy Tale - The Library of Classic Bedtime Stories for Kids

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Together with the good and gentle young Yirik, the hero of this classic fairy tale, your child goes in search of a beautiful princess Goldenhair, who accidentally caught the eye and fantasy of a greedy old king with her golden hair. The villain king wishes for the maiden to be his wife. Poor Yirik will be executed if he does not deliver the princess Goldenhair to the palace. But the young man is as optimistic as Pollyanna, understands the language of small animals, and helps everyone he meets along the way. He saves a colony of ants, feeds hungry birds, and reconciles two quarreling fishermen. In return, of course, the grateful people and little animals help the boy sympathetically. All ends well with gentleness, compassion, love, beauty, and happiness to all who deserve it.
This lovely old Czech fairy tale (Goldenhair shouldn’t be confused with Goldilocks ) is now brought to you in the form of an interactive audiobook, with beautiful animations and games. Each page of the bedtime story entertains readers with outstanding illustrations and animation. Your child not only sees and listens to the classic bedtime story, but participates in the educational games that weave their way seamlessly through the fairy tale.
This audio book is not only meant to spark the imagination or fantasy of young readers – it also inspires and teaches them how to react to difficult situations they may encounter, and how to face their fears.
Along the way, for example, your child will put together a jigsaw puzzles, fostering imagination and building memory, will collect pearls from a broken necklace, careful not to lose a single one, or will search for the golden ring that slipped off of Golden Hair’s finger while she was swimming in the sea. Your kid will not only watch cartoons, play, read, and listen to the narrative of this wise and meaningful fairy tale, but will learn the importance of sympathy and kindness together with the fairy tale’s hero.
This classic fairy tale from The Library of Classic Bedtime Stories for Kids does what few apps are able to do, stay true to a classic story while adding features to make it worth buying. Golden Hair fairy tale is beautifully illustrated book, packed full of games and gives users lots of custom options including turning off the games during reading time if your little one gets a little too distracted. Goldenhair is truly a treasure among eBooks or audiobooks. Not only is the tale engaging, but it is beautifully illustrated and professionally narrated to add to your enjoyment of the story.
Make reading fun, and allow your children to test the limits of their courage through the magic of this classic fairy tale. And tell us if you like it as much as Pollyanna and Goldilocks stories.