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Humanity Museum of Philosophy

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Do you wanna know why you are feeling sad suddenly?
Do you wanna know why you become so restless when you get along with others?
Do you wanna know why you can’t develop your own interest?

We cost much time to regret what we did before, however, we hardly knew the reason of that decision.
Rather than living in regrets and troubles, why not take several minutes to look the philosophy in our daily life.
There are much philosophy in our life. We could avoid many problems only if we could learn the philosophy. We have to think about many questions in life,
for example:

Eggs and chickens, which come first?
What are world? Who am I?
What is Tai chi? What is Yin and Yang?
This app is about philosophy. With exquisite pictures, simple philosophy, and interesting interactions, it will expand your eye horizon and lift your level. You could see problems from different angles and enjoy a more relax life!

【Characteristics of the app】

Comprehensive and interesting knowledge system
Pictures with high quality
Exquisite background composing
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I decided to set up a new lifestyle after reading this app.
--- Mocoo
Excellent design! This app is so much interesting, unlike some other dull philosophy books.
--- Henry
My friend recommended this to me. I think it is useful and interesting.
--- KJ

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