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Philips energy light

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
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The Philips energy light app helps you to get the most out of your GoLite Blue energy light.

Do you lack energy sometimes?
• Spend lot of time indoors with little or no daylight?
• Experience dips at certain times of the day, for example after lunch?
• Finding it difficult to stay awake in the evening?
• Difficult to get up without an alarm clock?
• Lower energy and mood in the darker days of the year?

Philips GoLite Blue energy lights use the natural power of daylight to improve your energy levels, alertness and mood, so you can perform whenever you need to.

Today’s busy modern lifestyles demand peak performance all day long — but even the fittest person suffers energy crashes or lows, particularly when deprived of natural daylight, such as in an office in winter.
Daylight is essential to well-being and keeping fit and energized throughout the day — just like healthy nutrition and regular exercise.
However, typical room illumination varies between 300 and 500 lux, while outdoor light measures about 1,500 lux on a cloudy day, to 100,000 lux on a sunny day. Especially on the darker days or when spending most time indoors, some extra light could help us
to feel more energized.

GoLite Blue mimics the natural energizing power of daylight on a bright sunny day, stimulating special receptors in the eye that trigger the body’s natural response to sunlight. Use this energy light whenever you need to charge up and energize: to get going in the morning, reboot after lunch, or maintain sustained energy levels throughout the day.

The energy light app helps you to:
• create your own energy program, tailored to your personal needs
• get insight into the positive effect of light on your energy level, alertness and mood
• set reminders and use GoLite Blue at the best time of day for your personal energy needs