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Calm and Control your gut for IBS to reduce & manage the symptoms of functional gut disorders and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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[APP DESCRIPTION]: Calm and Control your gut for IBS by ZenZone has been designed with guidance from world leading technologists, neuroscientists and psychologists, in particular Professor Anthony Steed, Dr David Oakley and Dr Val Walters (via UCL University, London). With the aid of grants from the UK Government and European Commission, ZenZone is built to provide sustained behavioural change.

Calm and Control your gut for IBS is a new brain fitness trainer app that uses Guided Mindfulness, brainwaves & attention training in real time to help you learn how to reduce and manage the symptoms of functional gut disorders and Irritable Bowel Syndrome including pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. This ZenZone App, will help to reduce your gut’s sensitivity, bring order to it’s movement and help your brain to better communicate and interpret the signals coming from the gut, leading to improved gut function and reduced pain.

Benefits of ZenZone include:
* Two brain fitness sessions included: Calm and Control your gut for IBS and Demo
* Real time measurement and instant visual feedback of your state of mind
* Media clips selected and delivered based on your attention and meditation levels
* Personal results score to track your brain fitness levels and how well you do in each session
* Exportable session data for off-line analysis

App Store: Top 100, What’s Hot: Health & Fitness.

With outstanding customer reviews across 40 countries, ZenZone is designed to interactively help improve your brain fitness, in Health, Well-being, Performance and Learning.

“The ZenZone app is an extremely well-developed one that demonstrates leading edge technology” Apple App Store: 5 stars

ZenZone uses your brainwaves to create personalised brain fitness sessions to achieve your goals in life, positively change your behaviours, establish better habits and perform at your peak.

“I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to have a positive change in their behavior” Apple App Store: 5 stars

"With the rapidly increasing demand from healthcare providers for computer delivered, wide scale and cost effective mental health therapies, we believe ZenZone is very well placed to take a leadership role in this exciting area of brain fitness" Stanley Yang, CEO NeuroSky

By registering at our website we will provide you with insights, research and news relating to each of the specialist session areas, hypnosis, psychological training and the brain fitness industry. By registering, we also encourage you to suggest your thoughts on new session topics and how to improve the ZenZone product and user experience. When you talk, we listen.

"For anyone who wants to learn to relax, focus on goals, or just have a cool experience, I highly recommend this application" Apple App Store: 5 stars

“ZenZone has definitely helped and I feel more calm, in control and able to deal with everything”. Apple App Store: 5 stars

All customer quotes above can be found on the Apple App Store or our reviews page:

1) This App requires a brainwave sensor to be purchased separately for full functionality. Compatible sensors:
NeuroSky iOS Mindwave Mobile:

2) Users only need to purchase one ZenZone App. Session content from other Apps can be accessed through in-App store purchase. In-App session purchases available include: Reduce Stress, Attention & Focus Control, Mindfulness, Self Discipline, Positive Attitude and Super Powers for Super Kids.