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Visions of Jewish Home Education

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Parenting practices are detrimental to a child's healthy self-development, but many parents nowadays are being both permissive and overprotective, unwilling to set limits and afraid to let their kids fail. However, overindulgence may mislead kids to a wrong way.

How many people still believe that competent person comes from firm discipline?
The Jewish Nobel Prize winners account for 22% of the total, how do the Jews educate their children?
The Jews control 80% of America’s economy, how do they get success?

Actually, the success of the Jews relate closely to their education system. This app contains the essence of Jewish education, which is tailored for children’s education. You don’t have to worry about children’s home education any more.

We illustrate the theory of home education by 100 interesting stories, conveying parents the intelligent education idea and method of Jews, and at the end of each section, we also have an attachment of Words to Parents. Meanwhile, contrasting the wisdom of Jewish education to Chinese home education, we provide parents with practical instructions on the existing problem during education, thus to help parents to educate kids more outstanding.

The education method of Jewish parents is very unique. After reading this app, you could figure out an new direction to educate your kids successfully.

【Characteristic of the app】

Specification for kids home education
Essence of Jewish home education
HD exquisite picture
Three-dimensional reading experience