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RE:GLUECK: We need to get back to being happy!

This RE:GLUECK Coach App is all about being happy and feeling good about yourself every day – to be “gluecklich”. Glueck ist German and means happy. RE is a prefix and means again or back.

This App is built up on academic research on positive thinking, but converted and “pimped” so that every user not only understands the RE:GLUECK messages, but can relate to them easily and with a smile.

It is a fact, that in general we ARE happy. Sometimes it is necessary to refocus on the great things happening to us every day. The famous psychologist James Williams once said (correspondingly):
“The greatest discovery is, that human beings can change their lives by changing their mindset.”

The RE:GLUECK Coach will take you a step forward to changing your mindset. Not by making you read tons of academic papers, but by sending you easy, effective and entertaining messages. Every three days a message is sent to your smartphone.
Studies in the “Journal of Positive Psychology” show, that people actually start feeling better, when they try to be happier. Try the RE:GLUECK Coach today.
WATCH OUT: it will work!
We put in a lot of effort and research to embed inspiring mottos and philosophies of great personalities, e.g.. Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Eleanor Roosevelt, Die Toten Hosen, Mahatma Gandhi.
Based on many requests, we developed more RE:APP chapters.
RE:ECO Coach. We decided to actively support environmental protection: „Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.“ The RE:ECO Coach sends you a message every three days, what and how you can help protect your environment – easily and without money. 50% of the RE:ECO Coach profit is donated to an ecology organization.

RE:AMORE Coach. Love is an essential part of our happiness. Sometimes, small, easy things help your relationship become a little better, especially the appreciation of each other. Our RE:AMORE Coach has some great ideas, how you can be just a little bit more romantic and have more fun together. We talked to psychologist and relationship therapists and embedded this knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.

RE:SPASS Coach. SPASS means FUN. We really need to have fun again. We need to bring laughter and a little recklessness back into our lives and do crazy stuff. It took a lot of research on YouTube, Movies, TV Shows, Internet and in workshops, to develope the RE:SPASS messages. We really want you to go through with some of the ideas – get your kids involved, too. It´s fun and the activities do not cost any money.