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Toyo's Color Cube Arcade Free

iPhone / iPad
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In "Toyo's Color Cube Arcade", the player controls a cube, the sides of which have each a certain color. Using horizontal and vertical swipes, the player moves the cube on a board, on which tokens of various colours spawn randomly.

Landing the cube on a token with a cube's side the same color as the token, collects it and extends the play time. Collecting many tokens of the same color in a raw, increases the score gained by each token collection! Increasing the "color power" (the number of tokens of the same color in a raw that have been collected) can lead to HUGE scores added by the next token that is to be collected. In a nutshell, it's not so much how many tokens the player will collect, as how high the "color power" will be when these tokens are collected, so same-color-token-chains are of the essence! For example, one can collect, 30 tokens and gain millions of score by making long chains or collect 150 tokens gaining but a few hundreds of score because they didn't make long chains of tokens of the same colour.

There are also a few special tokens:

Turbo: will make the cube move faster and give a HUGE multiplier to the score received. Beware though: a wrong move (trying to collect a token with a cube side of a different color than the token) will remove the turbo benefits (speed and score multiplier).

Bombs: (of 3 kinds) will automatically collect all the tokens around the bomb (NOT IN THE FREE VERSION)

Clock: will refill the 30 seconds reverse timer

Spiked steel token: this is there to make things harder. It can't be collected or removed but by using the Bombest (the 3d and most potent type of bomb) (NOT IN THE FREE VERSION)


In this free version, the game lasts for only 3 time re-fills, which is more than enough for the player to understand what the game is all about.

We certainly hope you are satisfied by the free experience and get the full version of the game :-)

Please note also, that the game will not run as smoothly as we would like it to, in iPnone4 and iPodTouch4th and lower.