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Category Carnival

iPhone / iPad
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KidsVale – Brain Training For Kids apps are fun and interactive educational games that will super charge kids brains and keep them ahead of the competition! Good for kids ages 4 to 94 :)

Reasoning, matching, and categorization skills are among the important building blocks your child needs to become a lifelong learner. These skills help speed learning, increase vocabulary and give order to the world around them. What’s challenging for parents is that children want learning to be fun!

Category Carnival advances your child’s reasoning skills while they happily immerse themselves in a world of games. Category Carnival takes your child towards higher and higher levels of reasoning and learning. Yet it is so much fun, they won't even know they're learning!

- Play to learn
- Interactive Fun
- Hours of Entertainment
- Accelerated thinking
- High capacity for learning
- Increased vocabulary

Designed and tested by Speech-Language Pathologist Natalie Zacher, Category Carnival is no ordinary game. It accelerates brain development in children through the use of language stimulation techniques and gamification of S-LP learning strategies.

Watch your child laugh and play, their intelligence soaring as they encounter an exciting world of learning. Category Carnival's bright, colorful interface engages your child’s senses, making learning fun and stimulating. Touch screen controls improve hand-eye coordination with every tap and swipe of the screen. Captivating melodies celebrate every milestone, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment in your child, which only makes them want to play and learn more.

Your child will learn by matching objects based on a various features: size, shape, color, usage, texture, pattern, location, etc. Watch as they quickly discover that objects can be grouped in many different ways. Through fun, stimulating games, reasoning and categorization skills are strengthened as your child uncovers broader categories like food, transportation, and animals, as well as subcategories such as fruits vs. vegetables, construction vehicles vs. recreational vehicles, farm animals vs. jungle animals. Create a brighter future for your child through play.

Categorization skills help children improve their overall reasoning. It speeds the thinking process and teaches children to relate new information to what is already stored in their long-term memory. This is essential for all they will learn in life. Expand your child’s cognitive development through fun, exciting, challenging games.

* Parents are encouraged to support younger children as they play at higher levels.