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Communities of Light Co-operative

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There is great unfairness in the global distribution, use and availability of electrical energy. World-wide competition for fossil fuels has also increased energy costs and reduced energy availability.

In many parts of the world electrical power is available only a few hours a day from local utilities – this in a time when business and lives are conducted 24 hours a day on-line.

In America and other countries,the cost of
electricity and other surcharges have prevented many people from having regular utility electrical power available consistently.

The Communities of Light Co-operative believes that world-wide electrical energy production and distribution must be decentralized to include personal electrical generation. We encourage all citizens of the world to learn how to use the sun to generate their own electrical power.

This Personal Solar Energy app provides all the information for set up of portable home, apartment, recreational or contractor solar energy electrical generation and storage systems as an addition to or replacement for existing utility grid systems.

The solar energy Perspective Section provides a knowledge base for the review of current energy approaches and shows how portable energy systems can be easily combined for initial use with existing energy generation systems.

The solar energy Solar Usability Section contains applied knowledge that helps us see how portable solar energy systems can be adapted for our use . The Solar Energy Worksheets helps you configure and determine the kind of system and products that will get you going.
There is a discussion of each product and service available from the Communities of Light Co-operative.

We have also provided a Shopping Cart that allows you to purchase either a complete portable system or individual component parts.
Detailed video and graphics are also provided to support the installation process.