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2048 New Season : 99 Tiles

iPhone / iPad
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  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
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Match the colorful numbered tiles as they fall to score big points

2048 New Season : 99 Tiles is an addictive casual game that feels like a mash-up of Tetris, 2048, and classic match-3 mobile games. The goal is to earn as many points as possible by combining like-numbered tiles before they stack all the way up to fill the screen.

You'll start off with just one solitary row of numbers across the bottom, but further rows will quickly begin to plummet from the top of the screen. Rearrange the tiles as quickly as you can to put three matching numbers next to each other - be careful, you can only move tiles if there's a free square above or to the side. The numbers will slowly increase in quantity, meaning it becomes more and more difficult to get a match between them. How high can you make the numbers climb?

There are three modes of play: Classic, Arcade, and Hell mode. The basic difference between Classic and Arcade is that the Arcade version will insert 1-3 tiles every three seconds. On the other hand, Hell mode is a pretty good challenge where some tiles are locked into place until you match them once, upon which they'll break their bars and become normal tiles. Tricky!

The graphics are colorful and attractive, and there's a reason match-3 games are so popular: they're quite addictive.

If you love simple, casual challenges, 2048 New Season : 99 Tiles could be a good choice for you. I can see it being a good timekiller during your spare minutes.