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6signals - Track your device and view on the web

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Navigation
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If you have anything you need to keep track of:

» Employees
» Taxis
» Aircraft
» Fire-fighting equipment
» Yourself while travelling
» Loved ones: Parents, children, girlfriend or partner

then you can use 6signals to periodically send a customised message to one or more of your servers with any or all of the following data:

» Location/Altitude
» Speed
» Time
» Course
» Device name (each user can have a separate identifier)

With this information you can find where anyone is that is running this app and sending data to your server.
Each device can have a separate identifier, so they can be tracked individually.

Of course this requires the permission of the user - don't use it to surreptitiously track your girlfriend!

Also a separate custom message can be sent at any time with different information.
This can be used to record the time and location of any specific data you require. Some examples might be:

» Locations of work to be done at some later time
» Record of some activity (drop-off, pickup)
» Proof of presence at some location (security rounds, for example)
» and many more scenarios..

It is recommended to plug in your device to keep the battery changed, because continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

6signals requires a server configured to receive location data in order to track your device. You must deploy your own solution at this time.
Either JSON or ASCII formats can be transmitted as appropriate.

The data format can be found here: