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Classic Puzzles

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Twelve puzzles, with more to come, for encouraging children to develop problem solving skills and persistence. The puzzles do not require advanced knowledge of any subject and so are accessible and challenging for a wide variety of ages, including yours!

Each of the puzzles has an easy to understand goal but requires analytical, logical or mathematical skills to solve. With each of them clever thinking will prove more efficient than pure brute force.

These puzzles are also available at the app's supporting website for free on-line use with a whole class and to enable the setting of the puzzles as homework. Purchasing this app supports further development and the continued availability of the on line versions. It also makes the use of the puzzles independent of an internet connection. No solutions are available in this app or on the supporting site to ensure that children are not tempted to take the easy route.

A Teacher Edition of this app will be published later including the solutions (although teachers will have a much better idea of how to encourage the use of these puzzles if they attempt them themselves!). This will ensure that the solutions can be kept away from devices that children use.