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QR Quote

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Scan it. Quote it. Order it.

QR Quote is a program for machinery builders & manufacturers to help you connect your replacement parts sales & automate an RFQ quote process for customers via mobile phones. Deliver a formal sales proposal to their mobile phone, in minutes, not hours or days.

This program brings the Internet of Things (IOT) to your customer experience. This online business service helps companies manage the communications and data in a two-way channel. Customers:
• Scan a QR Code on an item, machine or shelf tag
• Select the parts needed by machine or assembly
• Submit a request for quote to receive a proposal (IOS notification alerts them to new message)

Watch your orders grow with the QR Quote Program.

• Sales proposals delivered for priced items to customer phones instantly allowing you more time to work on new deals.
• Exceptions & non-priced items come to you as pending pricing requests with no back and forth email or fax and proposals never get lost.

Three ways to increase orders:
• Be the first to set up your customer with the QR Quote program
• Reach decision makers when interest to buy is highest
• Improve the customer experience for your spare parts program

Engaging customers via QR codes is as easy as for them as pressing a 'Submit" button – scan and connect to get specific information designed on a QR code. QR codes are used by machinery builders and manufacturers to automate and streamline request for sales quote process.

How Does BPMContext Work with QR Codes?

BPMContext hosts the data that is linked in a QR Code and directs the results of this scan so you can update information at any time from your account dashboard. There is no need to print new codes for price changes. BPMContext sends an alert for exceptions so it is easy to respond and update part list pricing information. Small to large businesses can integrate this service into their product sales & rollout to their customers.

All QR codes are linked to a unique part ID. This makes the codes effective and easily customizable. QR codes are valuable because of the content it links to. Track the analytics of codes by scan count, time period, customer, sales funnel and more. Gain powerful insight to incorporate into your marketing campaigns based on specific and measurable customer actions.

Does it automate RFQ for custom and non-priced products?

Yes, it also works for custom pricing and products that are not priced. The system notifies the sales team directly for a pending request for quote. Your sales manager gets the notification email in real time and updates the information from the customer pricing request page. No need to email or call. The system notification sends a message to the mobile phone.