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Ancient Coin Identification

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Do you love collect the ancient coins?
Are you still worried about lacking knowledge in the ancient coins and currencies?
Maybe some of you collected many ancient coins, however, some of them turn out to be fake ones. Antiques have huge profit margin. Know them well, they would be worth of investing.

This app will guide you to know the ancient coins and currencies in different times! It tells the ancient coins from the following aspects: current situation of the collecting market, origin and development, identification method, collection, investment, maintenance, etc. Except for the introduction of the ancient coins collection, RMB and commemorative coins are also included in this app.

In the meantime, this app also collects many anecdotes about coins and currencies collection, which largely strengthens the interest of this app.
Systematically master the knowledge on ancient coins identification and collection, you will be closer and closer to the fortune! Don’t hesitate, this app is your powerful assistant!

【Characteristics of the app】

Co-operated by the authoritative professors in the field
Visual shocks with the exquisite pictures
Identification, collection and maintenance instructions
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

My grandpa is a fan of ancient coins collection. I always download this kind of apps for him.
--- Metro
Through this app, I learned a lot of knowledge about antique.
--- Dianna
This is a very interesting app; it also contains games in it! I could learn from playing games.
--- Jimmy

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